85後女生,用泥巴造女性身體,斬獲國際大獎Post-85s Girl Makes Female Organs with Clay and Wins International Awards

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85後山東姑娘柳溪,從小生長在一個「男尊女卑」的家庭、三線城市,她拼命讀書,終於在復讀一年後,考進了中央美術學院的雕塑系。2014年,她一個人跑到景德鎮,租下了一棟毛坯房作為工作室,專心創作。她創作的與女性身體有關的系列作品相繼斬獲了西班牙、葡萄牙等國際大獎。2019年,柳溪首次在國內舉辦個展,受到很多女性觀眾的喜歡。跟一条一起來聽聽流溪聊聊她的創作歷程。Liu Xi, a post-85s girl from Shandong, grew up in a family in which men were superior to women. She studied hard, and managed to get enrolled by Department of Sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts. She went to Jingdezhen alone in 2014, and rented a rough-cast house as her studio to concentrate on art creation. Her series of works related to female organs won international awards in events held in Spain, Portugal and other nations. In 2019, Liu Xi held her first solo exhibition in China, winning popularity from female visitors. Check out today’s video for her art experiences.

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