Spilling the Tea on the Bridgerton Prequels ☕ Amnesia, Pirates, and Kidnappings (yes, plural)

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Dearest Gentle Reader,

It has come to the attention of this Booktuber that the four Bridgerton prequels are in need of some reviewing, and I will, as always, spill the tea with truth and...no mercy. And hopefully some wit and insight. But I gotta be honest...I may not have the...composure and decorum of Lady Whistledown. But would you honestly want me to?

Also, you may want to stay for the very end if you want a wee library preview. But not the VERY end because editing husband...laughed until he cried and played keep away with the mouse. Editing husband is half a foot taller than me (ish, okay) and despite me proving that I can, indeed, edit a video entirely without him and his stupid checklist (okay, a short), still pulled rank (er, height). Editing husband is, occasionally, a bit of a jerk.

00:00 Intro
01:06 Because Of Miss Bridgerton
06:40 The Girl With The Make-Believe Husband
10:41 The Other Miss Bridgerton
15:19 The Flame and The Flower (No Bridgertons but...there weren't any in book 2 either so...)
17:06 First Comes Scandal
26:49 BONUS Preview!

And a disclaimer: I'm sure Julia Quinn did, in fact, write all of these books. Her publishers didn't seem to rush her and she may have been in a writing slump since some of them took twice as long as her Bridgerton books (hey, I get READING slumps, forget making UP everything-- I've tried writing. I, in fact, wrote a book. IT WAS AWFUL. I should not be saying ANYTHING.) She even worked on other projects WHILE writing some of these, which utterly boggles my mind. My opinions are my own and I LOVE BRIDGERTON and would FANGIRL LIKE CRAZY and lose the ability to form a coherent sentence if I even met Julia Quinn so...you get the point. I hope she'll forgive my, er, critiques, since my love for most of her writing has left me squealing like my old guinea pig rather aptly named Secret.
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